Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood

Following the drug-fueled implosion of the Heartbreakers, Johnny Thunders bounced back with his first solo outing, So Alone. Featuring a veritable who's who of '70s punk and hard rock -- Chrissie Hynde, Phil Lynott, Peter Perrett, Steve Marriott, Paul Cook, and Steve Jones, among others -- the record was a testament to what the former New York Dolls guitarist could accomplish with a little focus. Much like Thunders' best work with the Dolls and Heartbreakers, So Alone is a gloriously sloppy amalgam of R&B, doo-wop, and three-chord rock & roll. Despite the inevitable excesses that plagued every Thunders recording session, Steve Lillywhite's solid engineering job and a superb set of songs hold everything together. A cover of the Chantays' classic instrumental "Pipeline" leads things off, and is a teasing reminder of what a great guitarist Thunders could be when he put his mind to it. The record's indisputable masterpiece is "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory," a wrenching, surprisingly literate ballad in which Thunders seems to acknowledge that his junkie lifestyle has doomed him to the abyss. Songs like "Leave Me Alone," "Hurtin'," and the chilling title track continue the theme of life inside the heroin balloon. Fortunately, all this back-alley gloom is leavened by some memorably animated moments. "London Boys" is a scathing reply to the Sex Pistols' indictment of the New York punk scene, "New York." The funky "Daddy Rolling Stone" features the inimitable Lynott on background vocals, while the raveups "Great Big Kiss" and "(She's So) Untouchable" are terrific examples of Thunders' raunchy take on classic R&B.

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bulut on 11:19 am said...

01. Pipeline [2:23]
02. You Can't Put Your Arms Around [3:48]
03. Great Big Kiss [3:23]
04. Ask Me No Questions [3:33]
05. Leave Me Alone [2:47]
06. Daddy Rollin' Stone [3:20]
07. London Boys [2:50]
08. (She's So) Untouchable [2:54]
09. Subway Train [4:11]
10. Downtown [3:13]
11. Dead Or Alive (Bonus) [3:13]
12. Hurtin' (Bonus) [3:06]
13. So Alone (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) [4:54]
14. The Wizard (Bonus Prev. Unreleased) [3:22]

RAR PASS =mickel

ed! on 12:48 pm said...

yeah! great blog. thank for share all these music.

daver from chicago said...

Lil' help here! The password doesn't seem to be working for me.

To confirm, the password is mickel -- correct?

bulut on 6:09 am said...

Pass is correct...

daver from chicago said...

Hmm, I guess I'm screwed then. Whenever I try to use "mickel" I get the following error message:

! Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood\jcasm.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file jcasm1.rar (wrong password ?)

I've tried it about 10 times at this point. Any additional tips would be welcomed but don't feel obliged. Thanks anyway.

Great blog!!!

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