Sorry...Time To Say Goodbye

It's been always pleasure sharing a lot of good music with you, but it seems this is the end of road. I'll always remember this blog, and your good wishes.--Bulut

mp3: Good to Go

...But don't forget April Fools, i never give up sharing good music. Fine! Here some nice live stuff for a better Sunday!

John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48)
John Coltrane live in japan (jul 1966) part1_part2_part3_part4_part5
Kraftwerk - Super Golden Radio Shows
Midnight Oil - Scream In Blue Live
Portishead - Live UK (2007) part1_part2
mp3: Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me (live)

Muse Live at Belfort (2002)
mp3: Muse - Citizen Erased
mp3: Muse - Bliss

The Cure Curiosa Festival, Toronto, Canada (08/09/04)

Modest Mouse - Live, 2000 Bowery Ballroom

mp3: Roger Waters - Mother


Antonis on 1:47 pm said...

very sorry to hear that you go.... please re consider your desicion!!!!!

bulut on 2:06 pm said...

Antonis don't be sorry, today is 1 april.:)

girl across the sea said...

I read that "goodbye" and was sad to see being I just found your site and I love it!!

Glad for your sense of humor and knowing you aren't REALLY saying goodbye...Happy April Fool's to you


Dave said...

I'm april fool, but keep this great work!

Woo Hoo on 6:16 am said...

April Fool jokes are never very funny. But thank you for the Kraftwerk and Cage! Too cool.

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