Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall

Rating: 8.7/10
Modern Music Review
The Soulsavers follow up their critically acclaimed debut, 'Tough Guys Don't Dance' with 'It's Not How Far You Fall, It's The Way You Land'.

Three years in the making, this time we see naughty boy Mark Lenegan on this project in which he provides vocals on 8 of the albums 12 tracks. Mostly this coloured blue work is a mix of hip-hop, rock, country, soul and gospel. It's an eclectic recording and sounds quite slowcore at the end of it. Lenegan's depressing and charismatic voice, beautiful selected organ pressing during his vocals makes results adorable. Emotionally like Nick Cave, romantically dark like Joy Division or like Velvet Underground who are keystones of the arty noises rock, it's rooting on you slowly using creative dark noises. Also garage rock desired song "Ghosts Of You And Me" takes Soulsavers' music to cold, bolted, dirty streets. And one of the best works on this record, "Paper Money" deserves a high volume listen. These are duly noted, remember that this music recalls to us a lot of good records.

Hey we're coming, get out of the way!. We've got soul, rock, country and you. This is the impressions on a person who loves to dig the music. It's dramatical, now more and more sorrowful. "Ask The Dust" is the first instrumental work that builds a bridge between experimental-rock-trip hop music. Similarly, thin-skinned piano keys will cry on shoulder of song, on "Arizona Bay". The album also features cameo appearances by Will Oldham, PW Long & Jimi Goodwin(Doves). Despite too many diversified pieces, it somehow shows the right path and provides a really delicious music. That mellow voice, and those great harmonies of varied instruments are coming with every breath you take. Whisky or Wine?

Expect two or three faint song, it's essential for a dirty boy/girl in his/her dirty night. Wow.
MM picks: Ghosts Of You And Me, Paper Money, Arizona Bay
mp3: Soulsavers - Jesus Of Nothing
You can listen four tracks on Soulsavers Myspace


Anonymous said...

im completely with u man. lanegan first of all rocks hardcore. that voice gives me chills. and the album fukin rocks too. its got like a mix of everything, and makes it all perfect. amazing

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