Rock Singles of the Week!

1. mp3: The Cure - Killing An Arab (Flashback!)
2. mp3: Joseph Arthur – Honey & The Moon
3. mp3: Holloways – Dancefloor
4. Marillion – See It Like A Baby
5. Hours - Love You More
6. Kings Of Leon – On Call
7. Air Traffic – Charlotte
8. Love Is All - Nothing To Be Done / Ageing Had Never Been His Friend
9. Lucky Soul – Add Your Light To Mine Baby
10. The Needles – Girl I Used To Know

New Videos
The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
Low - Breaker

It was very hard finding new and good songs this week. So i thought it'd be great to put a classic single of The Cure .

Killing An Arab
Apparently based on Albert’s The Outsider and, if so, quite possibly the straw that broke
Camus’ back. Cymbals crash once, twice, three times. A guitar, full of eerie promises, slithering like the sprog of some belly-dancer and a poisonous reptile. Compact bass guitar motif, descending alone. Then those vocals – taut, terse, tense intonation, a voice like that feeling you get watching the faces on the workaday tube ride after stepping out at dawn for the third
time without sleep. “Standing on the beach/With a gun in my hand/Staring at the sea/Staring at the sand/Staring down the barrel at the Arab on the ground/Can see his open mouth/ But I hear no sound/I’m alive/I’m dead/I’m the stranger/ Killing an Arab”. And racism has got nothing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

I believe that "Likking An Arab" is based on the book "The Stranger".

Katacultura on 3:49 am said...

Kiling in Arab is a great song and Cure a great band!
Do you listen WINDMILL? I Like, is a good debut.
Another french rock/pop band is Superbus. Sing in english and french. Interest.

Anonymous said...

It's The Stranger by Camus
(pronounced Cah-moo).
Jesus! If people stopped blogging so much and picked up a book once in a while, the world would be a better place.

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