The Music Between Romanticism and Brightness

Reviewing Neo-Glam Movement

1. Suede - Suede (1993)
Opening shiny by a brilliant guitar roller coaster "So Young", this record gets attention of every britpop movement lover in early 90s. Not to mention its heavily romantic, and also orgasmic streaming by way of Anderson dramatic vocal, Bernard Butler's full of desire sound joint. with the Suede, they capture rock music as a romantic and bright diamond -- Bulut
mp3: Suede - So Young

2. The Auteurs - New Wave (1993)
New Wave intends to provide more than a well-sounded british record. Its slowings, speedings, again slowings, also little bells, intelligent songwritings, true points to the life -- oh i forgot something. It was that record which you can't talk about, maybe the best thing is going to be listening! Flying with darling combination of attractive guitar, the unadorned voice of Luke Haines, to try to catch the bus but to fail. Because your mind is still on the New Wave. -- Bulut
mp3: Auteurs - How Could I Be Wrong

3. Marion - The Program (1998)
Shuddering in with a roiling solo guitar and a slow, doomy rhythm before amping up the energy and activity," The Program makes for a strong second effort from Marion. It was a truly great discovery for me. Someone recommended the record previously because of Johhny Marr's production, now i recommend this record to you.
mp3: Marion - Sparkle

4. Placebo - Black Market Music (2000)
Once in a time, there was a record which lights my way. Maybe it was dying because its overdosed lyrics. However, it was a record truly very similar to a high class love story, fake, cruel and hopeless.
mp3: Placebo - Commercial For Levi


Paperslut on 2:18 pm said...

Placebo's just gone downhill from there... Sad.

bulut on 2:41 pm said...

Yep maybe you're right! but we always like first works, aren't we? we want more and more, so they can't provide what we want anymore.

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