The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

Rating: 5/10
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Indie Rock
Three years have passed since "Chutes Too Narrow" and The Shins have dropped another album. You want to hear this 'This is a great album' i know, but i'm afraid not, it's mostly dead beat. Welcome to the free sleep service! Yes, you heard right.

Immediately to the subject. Arrangements, lyrics are maybe a little brilliant but there is something wrong with the songs. They don't contain soul of an album. If it was a b-side record, i could understand the lack of harmony. "Australia", "Girl Sailor" sound good, of course i can see that! As a problem in my head, it's very annoying to buy albums for only a couple of melody. Mostly extinct and far away from being a catchy, must have album. Nay, too many people play guitar like that. Don't go work and sit down, take your guitar, then start to complain about life? Where is the artistically side of this work. We all , let's write some couple of words, and we all become performer. Worse than this, there won't be any listener, everyone releases albums, songs, eps or whatever it is. If you can't find a listener, it's not reasonable to release albums. Again i can put up with that but please listen what you've done at least! Not all these againsts to The shins, but if i don't like it, i don't wait to say why! Some of you called this objective review, but as a note it's my feelings about music.

It isn't big deal to give a high rate an album. If you feel someting while you're listening, then it's worth to listen. Passionate, furiousness, happiness, sadness... It doesn't matter which one you feel. If i listen the music like a wooden furniture then i never play that music again, and also i found only three avarage indie rock song and rest of all is sleep service. I want to wake up but it seems imposible while you hear the most boring two melody one by one, "Black Wave", "Split Needles". Believe or not, i wanted to throw myself to bed, so boring! "Girl Sailor" is the only good melody, actually it's not a great song but after nine pointless song, believe me it tastes like honey.

All i see is some guitars, an ordinary voice, nothing special. Hard to stomach! I felt disinclined after the last spin, i am bored. I felt like i'm the only person, listening some uncertain music on my own and everybody is happy out there! Hey, take me with you! I won't die along with some ordinary songs!
P.S: If you have sleeping problem, buy this!
MM picks: Girl Sailor, Australia
Mp3: Phantom Limb
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kimb said...

Always, always enjoy reading your vivid strong responses. Thanks, I have checked out many of your recommends, sad about this one, I was hoping of more from these Shins.

bulut on 9:44 pm said...

Your thoughts always pleasure for me, it's good to hear that you liked the music. As for The shins, i spent the time to write positive things because they have a good previous record, but no luck.

Bernardo said...

I love this album.

Listen to it again.

pitseleh said...

i disagree completely, i loved the album. i especially liked the song 'sea legs', it's both catchy and unique.

Anonymous said...

I think this album is great. It took me a good half-dozen listens to get into the groove though, as I find most great albums seem to.

Perhaps you can go into greater detail as to what exactly it is you dislike so much about it?...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Split Needles is an amazing song, vying for the spot of my favorite Shins song. Black Wave is also good. The album as whole is very good. I still don't know where I'd put it in comparison to their other albums, but I think it's a grower. Give it more listens and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Other great songs on the album: Sleeping Lessons, Australia, and Phantom Limb.

Anonymous said...

Good review! Girl Sailor, Australia, and Phantom Limb are good songs but they aren't amazing.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I htink this is a strong album. Good flow, good variety. I can listen at the gym or at work. Sleep Lessons, Austrlia, Phantom Limb, Red Rabbit, Turn on Me, Girl Sailor, are all really good. I think this is better (all around) then their other CD's. Thi ssounds ot me like a guy who liked them when they were Indie Pop, but is mad now they have moved up to Sub-Pop and gained some new fans. This is expected. Many people only like groups when they aren't popular becasue it makes them feel "in the know." Look for this response towards 'Tje Decemberists' as well.

Anonymous said...

Fuck The shins, i hate them!

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