Peter And The Wolf - Lightness

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Folk, Indie Pop
Honestly i hadn't heard about Peter And The Wolf before i listened this album. On the other hand This isn't a handicap to grasping its beauty. As we spoked with a friend of mine,
it's definite truth that good stuff is good stuff. Who is listener?, what is listener's nationality?, it doesn't matter. So that's why we hear this sentence 'Music is universal' constantly. Maybe you can't catch on lyrics or you don't have specific knowledge about the music. These are really not a barrier. If you like it then it won't change.

At winter nights,i usually prefer to listen slow musics. I'm sure that "Lightness" (2006) know what i want. With warm Acustic songs , it appeared to be charming. Catchy "Midnight Train" burned up my fireplace. Psychedelic folk or indie pop, whatever it is. The truth is that it hasn't only three commercial songs for radios to play or its aim isn't achieving commercial successful. It's only for you, for you to feel the pleasure. "The Ivy" and "Safe Travels" remind me people who are very close and they're singing together near fireplace. This album isn't selfish. It wants to share something with you.

Lyrics from "The Bonsai Tree": 'You told me the rain would be coming down. So i stayed in sight with my bottle i heard what you said, i always here, i just don't learn so good. I know i should listen more carefully more carefully.You said i was like The Bonsai Tree.'

Maybe, stand alone vocal performances aren't satisfying enough. Though, backround atmosphere and guitars cover it. Song named "Canada" which is a messenger to end of the record, recalls weird Japanese folk tunes. "Dear Old Robyn" sounds as an early comer christmas song. All the melodies owe to closing song "Captain Dan". Because the song is a reason for another spin. Devendra Banhart's Cripple Crown would be tasty with this. Also if you're
classic rock listener, give a listen one of T.rex or Donovon album along this.

As a result, if you want to see the good music, they're just there. If you lost your way , here it comes openhearted folk melodies for your ears. Now waiting rain to drink my tea...
MM pick: Midnight train, The ivy, The Bonsai Tree
Listen: Midnight train
Also check out: Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow


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