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Thanks for all of you who mailed me tons of mail about new bands. And in this new section , i chose some of them to introduce my readers! Hold on!

Benjy Ferree: Interesting new artist that i have listened recently. He was inspired at an impressionable age by Will Oldham. "Why Bother" swayed me at first listen, at once i started to write about the song. Autumnal impressive three songs we've here.
If you ask me you should check this out! "Why Bother" is a changeable flame , melodic , also fascinating. His songs are mostly theatrical and variegated. In addition, multicoloured materials can be find on "In The Countryside".
More Mp3: "Private Honeymoon"

Vega4: They are a four-piece made up of an Irishman, a Canadian, a New Zealander, and an Englishman who all met through mutual friends in London. Here is their track "Bullets'' which is hot and strong. This band impressed me. As soon as i'll write a review about their new record "You & Others".

Division Day: Now, "Division Day" time, you haven't heard "Tigers" still? Find more Division Day mp3 at here.

Peter Toh: He recently released an album titled "Shoes of a Beast" on June 20th. Check him out, he has 8 songs available on the Podsafe Music network at here.

Can Joann: is a New and very small band from Chapel Hill/Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to MM! As i said before, I open for everyband, every artist which has same connection with my music taste. I've three pretty song of them to share. Mostly smooth "Indecision's way" , "After the Seizure's Gone" has to exist in your playlist. "Lady Luck" has a parallel line with new generation indie rock bands (The Strokes , Libertines , Arctic Monkeys) but fantastic and it's rocking.

Devon Allman's Honeytribe: For the last one if you get bored , now it's time for Honeytribe!
If you like music with feel and soul by artists like Santana, BB King, The Dead, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes, the Stones. You will have a love affair with HONEYTRIBE. Real deal timeless
feel good music from the soul, for the soul. Mp3:"Torch"

All mp3s here were sent by their owners , promoters and labels.


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Great blog for discover new musics!
Thank you!

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