Luke Haines - Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop

Rating: 9/10
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Britpop, Glam
I couldn't believe that i hadn't posted about any Luke Haines album. Now it's right time to post!
Short and Glittering new album from the most prolific songwriter Luke Haines.

'Can you feel the beat of my heart?' The title track that is similar to 80s new wave songs and
including 70s glam guitars, what's more, handclaps which we often see on indie rock songs. This is the most wonderful beginning to album. Like summarizing rock music, also politic march of the album (Leeds United) raises its guitar climbing, piano mixed romantic melodies. More ardent song "The Heritage Rock Revolution" in which he says 'Hope rock'n roll never dies'.

Thus far, Devils hasn't come to scene. Cardinal song "All The English Devils" proves that his hidden despatches haven't came to an end. Again allusive lyrics are written very cleverly by Luke. 'Who put the worm in the apple, Who put the bounce in the bouncing bomb', 'All The English Devils ruined since the day they'd born.' This song has the same depressive character by "Married To A Lazy Lover" from "After Murder Park" (1996). The Guitars are used perfectly , mostly they're polishing Luke Haines' hoarse voice.

Another striking song is "Freddie Mills Is Dead" which is about a champion English boxer. If closing songs are airy ones, the results becomes blameless. The last song "Bad Reputation" is maybe the most sensible song of "Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop" (2006). The epilogues: 'Goodbye my love is A hell of a Record','Gary Glitter, He's a bad bad man, Ruining the reputation of the Glitter Band'. This solo album proves that he's still one the most prolific English songwriter. As an advice, listen this album together with "After Murder Park". If you don't listen Luke Haines' then don't mention about 90s glam (neo-glam) music.

This record has three characher: tease, sensible , hopeless.
As a leader of The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, he has never been in worthless project or work. Still it didn't change with "Off My Rocker..." Definitely fans will love it, also they'll add this one to their collection proudly. The Stability continues.
MM picks: All The English Devils, Freddie Mills Is Dead, Bad Reputation
Listen: Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop
Also listen: The Auteurs - New Wave
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Anonymous said...

Glad you apprecite this album, as do I. But virtually all of your quotes from the lyrical content are misquotes, and nonsensical ones at that. For example "Goodbye my love is A HELL OF A RECORD" , not "a hallowe'en record", the question in "English Devils" is "Who put the bounce in the bouncing bomb": nothing to do with bones whatsoever...This album is chockful of excellent lyrics (Luke Haines' trademark). It's weird to selectively quote certain lines and get them so totally wrong...

bulut on 12:11 pm said...

Thanks, i corrected wrong lines, sorry for that i should be very careful and give attention to the liyrics as well. And yes this is another great Luke solos and again nobody listen it, except you and me.

Anonymous said...

Definitely best album of the year.

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