Lindsey Buckingham - Under the Skin

Rating: 9.5/10
Modern Music Review
Style : Pop/rock
The Fleetwood Mac guitarist's first solo outing in over a dozen years features bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on two tracks of a largely acoustic set.

Take your best friend with you, we'll sing along Lindsey Buckingham. Oh ,don't you know about his recent work "Under Skin". What a pity! But it doesn't matter. Come wherever you are, come whoever you are! We'll just sing together!

Surprisingly sometimes very dark , sometimes very bright songs are very tight together in "Under Skin". That's because of all the experiences of those years. First i found vocals too defective, then i realized that it wasn't. It was part of this record. I give my word, with a trembling bright voice it reaches to your skin at every condition. I didn't even choose a front song because every song sounds great!

You do different songs , you write beautiful lyrics , you play guitars well, but believe me you can't put alluring compositions to your music easily. It comes from your nature that's why we call them as Artists. They give us something which we can't find everywhere. The gifts are special if you try to see them. So "Under Skin" is a gift which i felt under my skin nearly my bones. A very pretty colourful wind, a masterpiece!
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Listen: Show You How

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