Joseph Arthur - Nuclear Daydream

Rating: 7.5/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Singer/Songwriter
The singer-songwriter's fifth studio album is the first for his new record label, Lonely Astronaut.

I took my coffee with coffee smile on my face and started to typing tap-tap-tap. Acustic songs are great to have a rest. So I put "Nuclear Daydream" and closed my eyes to travel the places
which i haven't been before.

Agreeable and pretty twelve songs held my hand, took me to the places that i wanted to be. To dream beautiful things, to have beautiful feelings. Dream! ,it's the sound of dream, so starry-eyed voice is singing. Joseph Arthur's these grown velvet lyrics are running away to dream of land where he has too much to hide. Stars , New York , L.a. and you can't find her, everyday you feel a little curse (Black Lexus). On "Woman" his voice comparable with Will Oldham , now and again Neil Young. "Nuclear Daydream" reminded me one of the best Mazzy Star song "Wild Horses".

There is one song which is irritating (Automatic Situation), repeating during the song 'automatic situation'. Another weak side of "Nuclear Daydream" is that there isn't any song to shake you, mainly same tempo. Just because it's a mature effort.

Melodies are usually too limpid and heavy-acustic. If you catch the tempo , it'll come wherever you go.The songwriting is almost perfect. Occasionally , it recalls 60s pop orders (back choir, airy guitar riffs). Sometimes it sounds as country (You Are Free, Woman). If "Don't Give Up On People" was ending song, it would be better.

A great record to spend time near a countryside or seacoast with. Diametrically melodic one and it grows on you after each listen.
MM pick: Don't Give Up On People
Listen: Black Lexus
Joseph Arthur


moralee said...

Nice. Best of all, a new discovery for me. Thanks.

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