Joanna Newsom - Ys

Rating: 5.8/10
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Do you believe in magical songs? Like a genie, with one wish they
change your life. So what do you wish? A peaceful life, money, to fly... Maybe not a peaceful life but a peaceful moment comes into existence with "Ys" (2006). Living the moment is life for me! So i'm living about one hour of my life with this record and it's the pleasure for me. Perhaps you don't like listening this story-like second album of folk singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom but i like it and music is something personal to us all.

How would it be to tell magic with musical nota? The answer lies in "Ys". What i find in "Ys" is something that comes from virgin forests, lakes, mountains. Joanna's elf-like vocals are eye catching, sometimes dramatic. On the other hand first salient imperfection of "Ys" is that it's not favourable to listenthis record whenever you want , it's so sleepy also songs are too long. She performs talk style vocal. Besides, the most suitable time is when you need a rest or a snowy weather! After several spin, you may find Joanna Newsom's stories neverending. What's more the melodies aren't odd . For instance, while you're listening "Only Skin", you think that you're still at start of record. At times you consider that these are very poignant melodies for 24 years old singer-songwriter.

Eventually, it's included five-song full-length which comprises theatrical expression with melodious accompaniment. It's totally emotional and narrative work of art. If you love psychedelic + folk music, don't spend any moment on waiting, get it! But if you seek for something rocks then "Ys" is very obscure.
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"Sprout & The Bean" Video
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