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Shattered Review
Punk Revival
Jumped to sofa, Unwrapping the CD with a shattered heart because i remembered The van accident. Tragically, Jeremy Gage, Adam Cox, and Matt Fitzgerald had never returned by that accident (July 20, 2003).

Usually talented artists pass away early. Maybe wailing for them isn't meaningful. If they were here, they would want me to spread the word about their music. I wish they were...

The Exploding Hearts were a punk rock / power pop band from Portland, Oregon. I always loved British punk bands like The Undertones, The Clash, The Only Ones. They're unforgettable bands. So Exploding Hearts were a revivalist of these bands. Vocalist Adam Cox reminds those 70s punk acts with his childlike voice. Their guitar lines and melodies are usually energetic, sharp. But it's for sure, the most prominent side of them is romantic but rousing songs. All is great, all is romantic sixteen pop-punk songs included in "Shattered" which is a collection of rare single tracks, unreleased songs, their original demo form 2001, and alternate versions of tracks from Guitar Romantic. Alt mixs has been glorious.

I enjoyed all the songs with "Shattered". We may die tommorrow, who knows? The music will survive, though. I'm very proud of being an Exploding Hearts fan. 'I know I've had you under my wheels for so long now / You're moving on." If you love something, set it free, right? You've left me shattered ,yeah you've left me shattered baby!'
The last song had played, The lasts are always bittersweet and that's why i played it four times.
MM picks: Shattered, Still Crazy, Busy Signals, Throwaway Style
Listen: Shattered (You Left Me) (alt version) | Official Exploding Hearts


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