Clinic - Visitations

Rating: 6/10
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Fourth studio album from this brilliant Liverpool band Clinic.They are a Liverpool based band, whose fast-paced, eclectic sound is at times loosely reminiscent of Can, The Velvet Underground, the Violent Femmes, Sonic Youth and Suicide.

I thought that it was a effortless record at my first listen. By the time I saw that I was totally wrong about it. That's because everytime i don't try to say things fast because sometimes what they need is time.

This isn't an album which everbody can love. Many people aren't patient try to understand the music. That's why a lot of craps selling more than successful works. On "Visitations" Tunes are too pitchy. They're hidden more than you can recognize, conservative. Occasionally it is being featured classic bands like Can and the Velvet Underground. This is closer some of Can's songs. I had listened every studio album of Can. It's easy to see huge Can influence on this. Slide guitars and weird vocals (mostly hard to guess when he'll sing) that's what we used to listen from Can, oh! don't forget the electronics.

On "Animal Human" some funk tunes appear, "Gideon" is sounded more similar Kasabian, dark type of Placebo or Muse. Actually i'm not a fan of these (except Placebo) because their music are only effective in a short period I don't look how many fans they have, popularity isn't everthing as money isn't everthing but you can't live without it. Many Critics look popularity of a band while they're criticizing. Belive me many of them doin' this. You can find a lot of reason to praise an album , on the contrary it's posible to find many reason for saying bad things about. So I'm very happy that i'm not with anyone and freedom is everthing. Be careful i didn't say i can write whatever i like, that's not freedom.

"Harvest" which is first single is also one of my pick, with dum-dum strikes at the top of it and great organ melodies between singer and noises, a strange noisy hymn. Due to "Tusk" again we're moving to punk area, actually this song reminds me Johnny Marr's speedy guitar solos with The Smiths.

So So ,I appreciated Clinic's music which tries new things without forgeting old icons but it isn't well enough, though. Some dum-dums , retro, punk with slender voice of Ade Blackburn.
Well, it was good but just it passed on my way, i didn't have a chance to say welcome!
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Listen: Harvest
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