Robyn Hitchcock:Fegmania!

Digging 80s greatest albums

I know Modern Music readers love 80s,Here is a masterpiece from 80s.
MM review
'My Wife & My Dead Wife' starts with little bell noises and it sounds little Magazine's songs, especially 'A Song from Under the Floorboards'.But it sure that Robyn Hitchcock sounds more joyful.

'Fegmania'(86) isn't a slowspeed album.We know the other Robyn Hitchcock albums
are darker than 'Fegmania'.'The Man With The Lightbulb Head' is the most
weird and different song.This is probably his most mainstream-sounding album,
but i think it takes time to get this point,because of strange sound effects,
ending of songs are quick.

There are songs which can grow on you at first listen,which ones?;'Strawberry Mind',
'Egyptian Cream',''Heaven'.

When i first listened the album,i considered sound with jungle pop bands:R.E.M.,The dBs.He influenced by Syd Barrett,Bob Dylan,Pink Floyd.But Fegmania! has a different sensibility,focusing on you slowly and being a part of you after a while.He influenced by Syd Barrett,Bob Dylan,Pink Floyd.After listening first ten song there is no way to escape aura of this masterpiece.Without a blemish,'Fegmania!' is one of the most magical album from 80s.
MM picks:'The Fly','Heaven','Strawberry Mind'
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