Johnny Cash - Personal File

This 2CD set of 49 previously unreleased and privately recorded tracks is a unique and intimate portrait of 'The Last Greatest American' by Johnny Cash himself. Following his death in 2004, the legendary House Of Cash began to give up it's musical treasures, but no one could have anticipated the wealth of material humbly stored behind the main studio, in boxes marked 'Personal File'.

Within these boxes were scores of intimate solo performances by Johnny Cash – Tin Pan Alley hits, traditional folk music and gospel tunes, new originals and favourite covers by, amongst others, the Louvin Brothers, Rodney Crowell and Johnny Horton.

Compiled by Cash expert Gregg Gellar (who compiled the peerless 'Legend' boxset) and with liner notes by Greil Marcus, these personal files strike at the heart of what made Cash a legend. Cash speaks to the listener directly, recounting his memories over a simple guitar backing – standouts amongst this classic collection include the Carlene Carter Cash 'It Takes One To Know Me' and the spine tingling rendition of 'The Cremation of Sam McGee'.

24 of the tracks (all of disc 1 and five tracks of disc 2) date from a 5 day session in July 1973, when it appears Cash sat down to record a 'concept album'. The remaining tracks are from sessions in 1974, 1979, 1980 and 1982. The 2CD release is sequenced thematically, rather than chronologically, charting a revealing course into Cash's musical favourites.


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CD 1 : 1979-1981
01. Life In A Day
02. Chelsea Girl
03. Here Comes The Fool
04. Changeling
05. Premonition
06. Citizen (Dance Of Youth)
07. Room
08. I Travel
09. Celebrate
10. Thirty Frames A Second
10. Twist / Run / Repulsion
12. Capital City
13. New Warm Skin
14. Constantinople
15. Careful In Career

CD 2 : 1981-1985
01. The American
02. Life In Oils
03. Sweat In Bullet
04. Love Song
05. Promised You A Miracle
06. In Trance As Mission
07. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
08. Glittering Prize
09. Hunter And The Hunted
10. The Kick Inside Of Me
11. New Gold Dream
12. Don't You (Forget About Me)

CD 3 : 1985-1991
01. Waterfront
02. Ghost Dancing
03. Book Of Brilliants Things
04. Once Upon A Time
05. All The things She Said
06. Aive And Kicking
07. Sanctify Yourself
08. Mandela Day
09. Real Life
10. See The Lights

CD 4 : 1991-1995
01. Traveling Man
02. East At Easter
03. Bangin' On The Door
04. Stand By Love
05. Oh Jungleland
06. King Is White And In The Crowd
07. Big Sleep
08. Let There Be Love
09. Ghost Rider
10. Belfast Child
11. She's A River
12. Up On The Catwalk
13. Hypnotised

CD 5 : Our Secrets Are The Same [The 1999 "Lost Album"]
01. Swimming Towards The Sun
02. Jeweller To The Stars
03. Space
04. Death By Chocolate
05. Waiting At The End Of The World
06. Neon Cowboys
07. She Knows
08. Hello
09. Happy Is The Man
10. Sleeping

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