Eels - With Strings: Live at Town Hall (2006)

Eels with Strings: Live at Town Hall is a live album released on CD and DVD on February 21, 2006. The recording is from New York City's Town Hall, June 30, 2005. It is the first live Eels album with a general release, and the first Eels DVD.
Creative restlessness is not often rewarded in the arts marketplace; we want to know that you're the woman who does those paintings of pixies, or that gritty pop-punk act who sings songs about how parents really suck. And when we go to see you perform live, you better play your song like we heard it on the radio, the same way it sounds in our heads. Right? Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, does not fit this profile in the slightest. He notoriously tours with wildly different variations on his perpetually mopey, low-key Eels. This disc captures E in a performance from his "With Strings" tour, playing a career-spanning sampler with a few covers while backed by two multi-instrumentalists and a string quartet. E's gruff Care Bear voice almost-soars atop ingenious and sparse arrangements throughout: strings, xylophone and singing saw on "Bus Stop Boxer"; bass, piano and strings on "Losing Streak." The only sore spot is how similarly-paced the twenty-two songs are, though fans will have no problem with that.

01. Blinking Lights (For Me)
02. Bride of Theme From Blinking Lights
03. Bus Stop Boxer
04. Dirty Girl
05. Trouble With Dreams
06. The Only Thing I Care About
07. My Beloved Monster
08. Pretty Ballerina
09. It's A Motherfucker
10. Flyswatter
11. Novocaine For The Soul
12. Girl From The North Country
13. Railroad Man
14. I Like Birds
15. If You See Natalie
16. Poor Side Of Town
17. Spunky
18. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
19. Suicide Life
20. Losing Streak
21. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
22. Things The Grandchildren Should Know

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Muchas gracias!

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I've been looking for this for a few weeks now. Thanx a lot!

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link deleted :( any chance of re up ?

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yep, link is dead, looking for new upload, thanks..

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