Sex Pistols - Kiss This (Greatest Hits)

The greatest single disc compilation of the greatest band that has ever existed.
Originally packaged 2gether with the Live in Trondheim disc.

Aussie reissue of 1992 compilation includes all the tracks off their classic 1977 debut 'Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols'. 17 tracks split into three phases, 'Early Songs And Other People's Material', 'Let Rip, Volatile, Full Fledged Songwriting On our Own' & 'Final group Of Songs Written Close Together. More Musical. No Longer Confused About Where We Stood.

he Sex Pistols were, despite their short existence, a very influential English punk band. While of the later set of English punks The Clash were perhaps more articulate and politically motivated, The Damned more versatile, and Buzzcocks had more astute pop sensibilities, the Pistols achieved more recognition through their iconic punk rock passion and flamboyancy, and no other Punk band of the era made such a lasting impression on British popular culture.


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