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On April 1, 1977, Motörhead decided to do their last show at the London Marquee Club. They asked Ted Caroll, head of Chiswick Records, to record the show. Instead of recording it, he offered the band to record a single. This being their last chance, they recorded a full-length album in just two days. Eight of those tracks were released on their eponymous debut album - "Motörhead". The album's title track was coupled with "City Kids" and released as a single, the remaining four tracks from that recording session were released on the Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers EP.

The early works from Motörhead are characterized by an exceptionally powerful visceral impact. Their first few albums, up through "No Sleep 'till Hammersmith" and "Iron Fist" represent a distillation of hard rock down to its base elements, resulting in music of exceptional purity and quality.

The album sleeve artwork features Snaggletooth, the fanged face that serves as a symbol of Motörhead, created by artist Joe Petagno.


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