The Kinks – The ultimate collection

The Kinks were a British rock group. They first gained prominence in the mid-1960s on the heels of the well-received and highly influential single "You Really Got Me". Originally consisting of lead singer/guitarist Ray Davies, his brother lead guitarist Dave Davies, drummer Mick Avory and bassist Peter Quaife. The core of the group over the years has remained the Davies brothers. With Ray's splendid songwriting skills and 'mockney' vocals, Dave's impressive guitar work and Avory's tight and steady drumming, the band became one of the most influential groups of British rock and the "British Invasion" of America.
It is ironic that one of Britain's most enduring and respected bands, spawned from the beat boom of the early 60s, received, for the best part of two decades, success, adulation and financial reward in the USA. This most "English" institution was able to fill stadiums in any part of the USA or Europe, while in their homeland Britain, a few thousand devotees watched their heroes perform in comparatively small clubs or halls. This reflected mostly in Davies' songwriting, where he mocked the British gluttonous aristocracy and philistinism.
For a brief period in the mid-'60s, the band rivalled The Rolling Stones as the second most popular British group behind only The Beatles. Just as the group were starting their artistic best, internal squabbles, conflicts with the music industry, and an untimely ban from touring the United States eroded their popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. However, they experienced popular fan revivals in the late-70s and early-80s and today they are credited as founding fathers of genres as diverse as Britpop, punk rock and heavy metal.

1. You Really Got Me

2. All Day And All Of The Night
3. Tired Of Waiting Fo You
4. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
5. Set Me Free
6. See My Friend
7. Till The End Of The Day
8. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
9. Sunny Afternoon
10. Dead End Street
11. Waterloo Sunset
12. Death Of A Clown
13. Autumn Almanac
14. Susannah's Still Alive
15. Wonderboy
16. Days
17. Plastic Man
18. Victoria
19. Lola
20. Apeman
21. Supersonic Rocket Ship
22. Better Things
23. Come Dancing
24. Don't Forget To Dance
25. David Watts
26. Stop Your Sobbing
27. Dandy
28. Mr. Pleasant
29. I Gotta Move
30. Who'll Be The Next In Line
31. I Need You
32. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
33. Sittin' On My Sofa
34. Well Respected Man
35. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
36. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
37. She's Got Everything
38. Starstruck
39. Shangri La
40. God's Children
41. Celluloid Heroes
42. Wish I Could Fly Like Superman
43. Do It Again
44. Living On A Thin Line


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I looked on the FAQ page to see if you have a policy on re-posting. I didn't see any mention of it so I thought I'd ask: Any chance of re-posting this?

Sunday, January 29, 2006
The Kinks – The ultimate collection

I've got most of these songs on vinyl. Just wanted a digitized collection.




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