Covering the year 2006

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Some Says (2006)
One of the most beautiful cover record of last year "The Brave And The Bold" teaches us how a beautiful cover record should be. It's been more than one year, and i still love to listen this record. Thanks to Tortoise for bringing such glorious guitars, composings, thanks to Will Oldham for such a nostalgic voice. Definitely an essential work. This song originally performed by Melanie on Gather Me (1971).

Portishead - Requiem for Anna (2006)
It's another important cover record of 2006 under name "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited". It's included many well-educated artists; Marianne Faithfull, Cat power, Jarvis Cocker, Michael Stipe... I brought to your scene a moving cover from melancholy masters, Portishead.

Nouvelle Vague - Let Me Go (2006)
Personally i'm not big fan of cover bands, because they don't produce anything new. As for the Nouvelle Vague, they're a bit different. Listen the standout cover of Heaven 17 from "Bande A Part".

Wilco - Thirteen (2006)
This album was my favorite cover album of the last year. A bunch of great bands and mucisians are covering legendary rock band Big Star. I picked a Wilco version of Thirteen for you!

Owen Pallett - Peach Plum Pear (2006)
Joanna Newsom is classically trained, has a voice like Björk's infant sister and plays a harp. Owen Pallet is classically trained, plucks a violin and sounds like Thom Yorke's little brother. What could go wrong covering Newsom's "Peach, Plum, Pear?" Answer: nothing. Extra points to Final Fantasy for leaving-in whining microphone feedback over his string arrangement.


Paperslut on 12:08 pm said...

I need to get the Wilco album!

azzura on 6:16 pm said...

i am totally obsessed with peach plum pear but can't find pallett's version anywhere - is there any way i could get it from you?!

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