The Twilight Sad - The Twilight Sad Ep

Rating: 7.5/10
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Indie Rock
Based outside of Glasgow, The Twilight Sad formed in late 2003 and this is first sharp debut Ep (Fat Cat) of the band which consists of five long named independent cut.

Some songs sneak to your body as though poison which captures your blood slowly. Everything seems normally but it's not. Complex and noisy sounds are all the same. You love it deeply and watch its growing on you.

Here is what you wanted! Twilight Sad exactly combines with what i've referred to. As you notice from band's name: it's soft light from the sky between sunset, combining bustle of the drums, sobbing of the guitars, and sad of twilights. Their music gives the impression of sound of rain which always rain not orderly. But the rain makes you happy, though. Because of its cleaning effect, wet effect, i think all is perfect to feel (Last year's rain didn't fall quite so hard). I must admit that you may not love this, but it seems wrong not to give a second, maybe a third listen.

Eventually, it's a noise rain, touching to you, appearing like an enemy to your ears. I love antinomy, also "Fat Cat" embraces friendly. That's good!
MM pick: Last year's rain didn't fall quite so hard
Mp3: and she would darken the memory of youth
Similar artist: Walkmen
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