Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity

Rating: 8.4/10
Modern Music Review
By turns cuddly and chaotic, San Francisco's Deerhoof mixes noise, sugary melodies, and an experimental spirit into sweetly challenging and utterly distinctive music.

Redecorating the room nicely throughout, it sounds ordinary. Put chair there, i don't like that carpet. Is the picture right there? I need something different. How about Deerhoof's "Friend Opportunity"? This can be the most deserted review and i really don't mind it. I like to write what i feel to write. Because you listen the record and every person obtains different elegance. On the contrary, it's possible that to gain nothing . It can be your worst day, you can be broken or you don't give a shit. You find yourself listening Beach House's self debut. Actually there is a thing that always true about music, you should taste the music without forejudge , because every album has other good side except its bad sides. So Deerhoof's Friend Opportunity is a kind of record which covers its sadness with some sugary, amusing music. With an innocent voice (Satomi Matsuzaki), rhythmic guitars (Rob Fisk) and more quirky noises, including only few down tempo song it's entirely likeable listening. There are bands as if they're brothers, so Deerhoof's brother( or sister?) should be Blonde Redhead.

Outstanding first three song and weird closing tunes make you give another spin pleasantly.
I gave quite enough listen and i'm sure with one thing. "Friend Opportunity" is the record
that can give to everyone something different, something lovely. And close your eyes through the last song, "look away" is a quite successful experimental work.

Surely "Friend Opportunity" is as sweet as honeycomb, i know honeycomb isn't sweet, it's
honey. But still this weird expression is not enough to give an opinion about the album, addictive listen. Release date: January 23, 2007
MM picks:the perfect me, believe e.s.p,look away
mp3: Deerhoof - +81


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i like this album :)

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