PJ Harvey - The Peel Sessions 2006 (1991-2004)

Rating: 8/10
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Alternative Rock
A collection of PJ Harvey’s Peel Sessions will be released for the first time, during a month of commemorative events, to mark the second anniversary of the inspirational broadcaster's death.
Polly Jean Harvey whose lyrics appear front of you like a dark humor, a flower at the middle of night, thorn of a rose, the roses which are growing on savage gardens and a ferocious female as
far as she can. PJ Harvey shows the other dark side of humanity themes; most often time they're sex, love, and religion. Mostly sexy expressions are a little disguised lyrically. Expression of mine is exciting, i know how it seems from there, but i really don't know how to write about unique artists.

There are few female songwriters who have different perspective with respect to being a girl! Amazingly she thinks like a man at times, also she's one of that distinctive rock lunatics. I think her lyrics are odd and very active and alert. If you check out the songs in this collection you'll consider that these are mostly rocker ones.

The twelve tracks were chosen by PJ, span her career; from early versions of the songs on debut album Dry (1992) to her seventh album Uh Huh Her, released in 2004. I must admit that her selections are some kind of wicked tongues, some kind of beautiful feelings.

'Oh my lover -- Don't you know it's alright -- You can love her -- You can love me at the same time -- Much to discover -- I know you don't have the time but '

As you can see from the lyrics, i was right with what she has, an odd odd perspective in
songwriting! I recommend you to listen the song at night and alone! I prefer to listen some artists at night, Harvey is one of those artist. Also i've Wire, David Sylvian, Girls Against Boys and more for the long nights.

This is a kind of collection which every home shouldn't has. On the other hand it's a record which every PJ Harvey fan must have. As an advice, put the cd a place where little girls won't reach! 'Gonna wash that man right out of my hair, Heard it before, no more, Gonna take my hips to a man who cares, Turn the corner, there's another one there.'
MM picks: Oh My Lover, Naked Cousin, Snake
Mp3: Oh My Lover


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