Neil Young - Live At Fillmore East 1970 - 2006 release

Rating: 9/10
Live Section
Neil Young! Be careful with this one! Because I'm getting around with his name on my t-shirt. This is sort of respect from me to him. He is one of the most legendary rock idol. The time isn't able to rust him. I supposed that you've heard his creative, stunning guitar solos. When played in the background, this style of solos makes you jump out of window! How could a human play guitar like that! So impressive, ambitious!

That years, he'd been touring the world as a solo acoustic act and with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, recorded two essential albums ( After the Gold Rush and Deja Vu) and this is a great live memory from rusty years ( Mar 6, 1970 to Mar 7, 1973). Especially the two long cuts "Down By The River" and "Cowgirl In The Sand" are two unbelievable performances which cause to listen with an open mouth. In adition, for rock listeners it's a live set to have an opinion about what a great rock performance he had. Also this live cd includes Danny Whitten's "Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown". A little criticizing, ok maybe he hasn't got a great voice but obviously he uses it impressively!

The only imperfection is that it's not the entire show of a 1970 show, "Cinnamon Girl" is missing. After all, the record which i played and played all day proves rock music is of the most indispensable desire of some people. While the others are brooding, he still keep on rocking in the free world!
MM picks: Hey Lazy! Only six song, listen all of them!
Mp3: Wonderin'

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