The Format - Dog Problems

Rating: 8.5/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Pop
Get ready for energetic, shiny, prolific and radio-friendly indie pop tunes which released by Arizonian band The Format.

Till the end, "Dog Problems" (2006) doesn't lose its energy. Think of a place where dogs and cats are running on ground and a qualified music backround making this view more enjoyable. Besides, add some horn sections, piano, banjo, trumpet, handclaps together with passionate singer Nate Ruess' voice. I know, it sounds so euphonious. Everyone needs some cheerful music to hanging on. So "Dog Problems" comes decidedly such as beautiful, joyful, sometimes sorrowful and warm breeze to your front. I'm sure that you'll choose your own pick when you're listening to this brainy record. Actually, The cover is enough to tell the entertainment, jamboree!

You'll instantly connect with the music, it takes you in its arms .Interestingly , each of these has its own style. Listening or not listening is your business but this will continue to occupy my playlist for a long time, an excellent outing!
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