Desert Hearts - Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki

Rating: 8.2/10
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Melancholic Indie Rock
Desert Hearts, a trio from Belfast, Ireland, play a brand of indie rock that is just as prone to bursts of guitar-generated noise as it is soft, quiet, melodic pop.

After i finished my daily research about the new indie rock bands, i saw that their debuts were generally conspicuous, but, second ones were going down. As you know, stabilization is one the most important thing in music. When it comes to Desert Hearts' "Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki" after their debut, it's easy to see stability, furthermore; melodically it's blowing from Ireland's skies to the world, instrumentalist sections of the songs are breathtaking. Check out "Sea Punk" for breathtaking guitar lines which are usually a hidden mirror to previous post-punk father Joy Division and stable rockers Sonic Youth. With "Gravitas" my thesis becomes stronger and stronger. Sonic Youth! is reason for losing yourself while you're listening them, Desert Hearts who knows what to say and how to play , are the same.

As always, there are superfluous tracks on this record too (Goodbye to Everything), but, they
have good relationship with the others at least. At that moment, the tracklist order covers this superfluous spotty tunes. Yeah check out "Urchin", its melodic drama will cause to forget extreme trial flights .

Thus far, it wasn't real performance of this ambitious, good-natured band. It's starting to play lovely by means of melodic pop songs after the first six song. "Black Albino", "Bone Song", "Apple" i can call these as wonderful trio.

Perfect opening songs, relaxing middle cuts and shaking closing noises. Aha! "Apple" is one the most creative melody in this year that i've heard. Instantly i noted that. Believe or not, sometimes music needs mathematics, i multiplied, divided and deducted the results but still this album sounds well, so this is what we have to say: 'Good stuff is good stuff'. Ok, last sentence "Apple" still rings in my ears!
MM picks: Urchin, Apple, Hotsy Totsy Nagasaki
Mp3: Sea Punk
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