Bert Jansch - The Black Swan

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Style: British Folk
My job is listening , theirs are creating. If they release good records like Bert Jansch do, i'll praise them at any cost. Good music is good music. From where it comes and style of it are not big deal. Again i respect your music choice. Maybe you don't listen folk but i'm sure you can't live without it. It's the part of life, it's part of slow motions.

Sometimes life is very easy like a pop song, sometimes it's hard as
a folk song. Pop side isn't important it passes, though. But when it comes to folk side, don't be confused, let's say when it comes to emotional side of life, it doesn't go at once. It takes something from you or it leaves. The result is connected with your state of mind. However , I'm sure that "The Black Swan" will add valuable things to you. Just leave yourself to veteran british folkie Bert Jansch's compositions. In this one guest singers appear such as Devendra Banhart, Beth Orton.

First three song are just perfect, title song "The Black Swan" is the most melancholic and good-natured one. "High Days" seems like it's been a bridge between two high impressive songs. "When the Sun Comes Up" includes vocals of Borton, guitars of David Roback. On "Katie Cruel" Devendra's that tremulous psychedelic voice at backround fits to Orton's voice perfectly.

At middle of it the tempo goes down combining some Acoustic Blues, British blues.

The last three songs, an instrumental named "Magdalina's Dance," and "Hey Pretty Girl" (performed solo), are drenched in historical tropes, also they are deeply current and full of feeling. "The Black Swan" is one of my favorite from this month.
MM picks: The Black Swan, Katie Cruel, Bring Your Religion
Listen: When The Sun Comes Up

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