Annuals - Be He Me

Rating: 9.2/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Adam Baker (vocals), Kenny Florence (guitar), Mike Robinson (bass), Zack Oden (guitar), Anna Spence (piano), and Nick Radford (drums) create the shiny happy indie rock sounds of Annuals.
This month have been very plentiful, a bunch of spring albums, heaps of falling leafs; therefore, i drank more coffee overmuch but i'm happy with that. Eh, let me introduce, the music is Annuals' "Be He Me" playing backround while i'm writing this. Definitely an autumnal album, including some rhythmic pionos, playful, airy and independent guitars, sentimental singings, electronic beats. Colors are mostly pale combinations of grey, brown. Sky is cloudy, however, you're happy. If you're reading this, you're some kind of bright people, looking for some good music to fill the emptiness in your life. I'm sure with that you're on right way. Due to Be He Me's funky merriment, sometimes you can get out of control. You can find yourself as smiling, rejoicing to the skies. It's very sweet record at all points. "Annuals" teachs us how to use complex sounds at the same time. Variety of instruments never interrupts listeners' cheerful moments. The magic is same with Arcade Fire's, The Playful moments are a bit more than Sufjan Stevens'. If this record were dropped by a band like Flaming Lips, i'm talking big, it would exist all critic's Top 10 indie rock album of 2006. That was surprise, i couldn't find any unworthy song on "Be He Me".

Still i want to listen again, i'm not satisfied because there are many many things that need to be discovered. Interesting, "Be He Me" is both affecting, gleeful. It's open and shut, one of the best indie rock story of the year. 'Sugar on my tongue, yippee yippee yum yum ! goodie goodie gum drop! '
MM picks: Bleary Eyed, Carry Around, The Bull And The Goat
Mp3: Carry Around
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adam baker is god

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anna spence is goddess

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