The Album Leaf - Into The Blue Again

Rating: 4.5/10
Modern Music Review
It sounds weird write to review about experimental or post-rock. According to me, background music is always interesting listen to. Because it needs to be discovered, it needs to appear in your dreams, greeting you in the bed, remanding to you something
from past.

The Album Leaf is the one-man solo project of Tristeza guitarist Jimmy LaValle who is also bassist for a San Diego band, The Black Heart Procession.
"Into The Blue Again" is short trip to those bright bells, pianos,
electronic tunes at indie rock world. While it equals to outstanding names like Sigur Ros, Grizzly Bear, Jim O'Rourke and as an inspiration Tortoise can be noted. In addition, larger part of the record was performed by Jimmy LaValle. Once again, it's a resfull album to a post-Rock/experimental lover.

It's like a dream as well as it's not catching. We everyday dream, the importance is to remind them. Seldom may it be your choice which captures very soft(instruments) and very electronic (sounds) at the same time.
MM picks: Always For You, Wherever I Go
mp3: Wherever I Go
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