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Wistful Sound Gazers debut release "Bliss"(2000) including six tracks EP which are
eye catching different melodies.Bliss blends the sounds of ambient rock with
classic soul,jazz.

MM review:
"Bliss" is a successful independent record which you can listen several times
without any unwillingness.Melodies are perfect and protean,totally restful listen.
"Bliss" creates an ethereal mood which sustains itself from beginning of the Ep
tp the final instrumental cut.All the songs have their own character which holds
you and grow on you rapidly.Don't be surprised when you are listening first
Wistful Sound Gazers music.Thats why i love underground bands.They always make
me surprised with their determined works.

"Bliss" opening with classic soul tunes "Push" including back female vocals.
"Calling" Glamorous soul vocals joins wistful acustic guitars.Airy vocals stop the
time and acustic guitars ride the song.
"i would" has the most distinct soulful harmonies.
"Winding Road" features impresive vocal performance (Ron Christopher) with magnificent hoarse electric guitar.
"On" is the fastest work of "Bliss",it's brilliant and entertaining composition.
Also there is a great instrumental work of Winding Road at the end of record.
Wistful Sound Gazers combines classic soul vocals with soft rock and adult contemporary tunes.

Now Discover and listen songs of "Wistful Sound Gazers":
MM song picks:Calling,Winding Road


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