Liars - Drum's not dead - 2006

MM Album Review

Quite Weird Amazing Record!But still unexplicit.

Their music comes to mean hardly after
listening the fifth song 'It Fit When I Was a Kid'.

Actually i didn't find melodious their vocals with experimental tunes.'It Fit When I Was a Kid' is a fresh thing.But i can say first four song quite old school.They aren't going to bring new things to my ears,only some music trials.

I found their sound as well as Sonic Youth. Their experimental music is growing on me.But it's hard to say they are a new addiction. With dark, shimmering guitars that recall EVOL-era Sonic Youth and minimal but monumental drumming,
it's full of beauty and brooding that is immediately exploded by the growling drones
and heavy, tribal polythrhythms of 'Let's Not Wrestle Mt'.'The Wrong Coat For You Mt. Heart Attack' is quite gripping and spectacular.Vocals are so spectecular and he soon came out of his shell.

Mostly this album holds experimental rock, Post-Rock melodies.Again 'Hold You, Drum' chokes sound of the album.You will feel the same suffocating till the end of album.Maybe 'You, Drum' saves itself with hypnotic taunting.
Other Good Ones:
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