Billy Bragg:England Half English

This isn't a new album review
'England, Half-English', is his first album of all-original songs in over
five years, features Billy Bragg and his touring band The Blokes continuing that spirit of rollicking collaboration.
Feels like a jam session--bluesy keyboard lines and guitar riffs busk
with soul-inflected harmonies, world-music percussion and complex,exotic rhythms.
Modern Music review
The new romantic songs, especially the bouncy "Another Kind of Judy" and
the gorgeous immigrant's reverie "Distant Shore," find the sharp and
sweet catchiness of Bragg's best work.

Half English' Emotional songs balanced adult alternative album,there are appreciable different melodies and guitar chords.On the other hand,Songs are not the same sound,
they're all diverse,it's a disadvantage and it takes time to understand the
melodies.But while you're considering about the album,do not be so impatient,Half English'
is quite album,there are many hidden gems in it.
MM picks:'Jane Allen','England, Half English'
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