Mission UK - Anthology [Phonograms Years] 2006

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The Anthology - The Phonogram Years is a 2CD set including all 11 of The Mission's Top 40 hits, with classics such as 'Wasteland', 'Deliverance' and 'Butterfly On A Wheel' along side rare mixes, long lost b-sides, BBC sessions and previously unreleased material.

But Main Reason is their Neil Young cover to put Mission Uk up here.It's 'Like A Hurricane'.It's very wonderful listening their gothic atmosphere (goth rock) with Neil's unique composition.

The Phonogram Years is a great way to find great The Mission hits.I am really fan of them.They formed in 1986 from the splinters of the freshly-dissolved rock band The Sisters of Mercy.And i can say that they haven't got any crap album.More info @ Here


Robert.Johnsson on 6:32 am said...

Great Share :)

One track that has been deleted:
22 (CD 2) Hands Across the Ocean (Demo Version)

Is it possible "Someone" could Upload it "Somewhere" so the "Anthology" get Complete :)


bulut on 8:31 am said...

hi robert,
i'll look for it.

Robert.Johnsson on 1:18 pm said...

Brilliant :) Thx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the tracks.... (said with some sarcasm).

Whilst we are keen that the public at large share these fantastic tracks, equally as a band currently out of favour with the music press, actual sales of this album are important.

If you love the music that much please buy this album.

And the new album - due out 2007.


Mission World Information Service

Ricardo Canheta said...

Unfortunatelly the second cd link isn´t working.
Can it be re-uploaded?

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