Wheatus - Self Titled

Wheatus is Wheatus' first album, released on 15 August 2000. Three singles were released off the album: Wheatus' biggest hit "Teenage Dirtbag", the Erasure cover "A Little Respect" and a "Wannabe Gangstar"/"Leroy"-split single. The "Wannabe Gangstar" single version features Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.

Wheatus is a rock band from Long Island, New York. They are best known for their 2001 hit single "Teenage Dirtbag" from the movie Loser.

1. Truffles
2. Sunshine
3. Teenage Dirtbag
4. Little Respect, A
5. Hump 'Em, Dump 'Em
6. Leroy
7. Hey, Mr. Brown
8. Love Is A Mutt From Hell
9. Punk Ass good person
10. Wannabe Gangstar



ghostcat said...

I've no idea who they are, what kind of music they make, but i really believe in you man :)

Thanks for the post.

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