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First excited to download and listen them.I like to explore new music and new tastes.When I first listen ''Sound as ever'' that makes me think indie or alternative country in the same home?After no I guess.Then I remembered that rule;you shouldn't put music in a cage,and shouln't categorize them.You should stay with what you took from the music.And this guys make me feel these things with their good music.
''Sound as ever'' has a hidden melody,You find it and wanna follow it till the end of the song.After this good experince about their music,I opened another door which leads their song ''Glad To Be Scattered''.And I drank my coffee(not hard one:) with this song.And Started walk to the exit with their song ''Seashaken Heart''.I think it was their best work.The song talked with me and say I have song of sorrow and you have the man of sorrow.And Feeling good for knowing their music.
You can say lots of things about music but sometimes you should prefer not to talk only dream dream and dream while listening...That's life,that's music.Lets learn more about them:


“Woke up early the day I died” is a collection of songs Jim Vallet recorded under the name Track a Tiger. The project began in August in 2003 after sifting through some old 4-track tapes and a notebook with a few song ideas. A 16-track digital recorder and a few microphones were bought and recording began in his Chicago apartment (listen close for a cat, squeaky wood floors and occasional late night drunken lover’s quarrel on the street below).

The songs started with acoustic guitar and then were slowly worked over a two-year period. Keyboards, guitars, banjo, cello, female harmonies and other assorted blips and bleeps were added. Jim Viner, an old friend back from their days in the Iowa City band Head Candy, (Link/Elektra), added drums to seven tracks.

Deciding the project needed an ending point, time was booked in June 2005 at Paul Oldham’s Rove Studio in rural Shelbyville, Kentucky. Although happy with the mixes, it was decided some of the songs weren’t quite done. A few more lyrics were written, additional harmonies added, and the result was mixed and mastered by Pat Stolley at futureappletree Studio 1 in Rock Island, Illinois.

The sound? Moody. Lots of male-female harmonies. A little rock, but mostly slow, sad, sleepy late nights.

Track a Tiger is now a full time band and the songs are starting to evolve with the new lineup. The sound is a little heavier and atmospheric with some extended jams. Maybe Richard and Linda Thompson and the Sea and Cake having drinks in the living room while Low and Sonic Youth make dinner in the kitchen. Fleetwood Mac is out getting more ice.

The CD will be released February 28 and available at Future Appletree, CD Baby, iTunes, and local indie record stores (Carrot Top Distribution)

More info can be found at

Future Appletree Records is releasing a record on Tuesday, February 28, by Track a Tiger called "Woke up early the day I died."

Their sites: and


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