Rammstein - Rosenrot (2005)

  1. "Benzin" (Petrol or Gasoline) 3:46
  2. "Mann gegen Mann" (Man against Man) 3:51
  3. "Rosenrot" (Rose-red) 3:55
  4. "Spring" (Jump) 5:25
  5. "Wo bist du?" (Where are you?) 3:56
  6. "Stirb nicht vor mir//Don't die before I do" (feat. Sharleen Spiteri) 4:06
  7. "Zerstören" (Destroy) 5:29
  8. "Hilf mir" (Help me) 4:44
  9. "Te quiero puta!" (Spanish for I want you whore) 3:56
  10. "Feuer & Wasser" (Fire and Water) 5:13
  11. "Ein Lied" (A Song) 3:44

The "Rosenrot" (Rose-red) track was highly anticipated by fans of Rammstein, as it was first slated in February 2004 to be the first single from the band's fourth studio album, "Reise, Reise" (the song "Mein Teil" took that honour instead). In the end, "Rosenrot" didn't even make the tracklist of "Reise, Reise", a move that the band's management claimed "left them speechless."

The lyrics are an amalgam adaptation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's (whose poem "Erlkönig" similarly inspired the "Reise, Reise" track, "Dalai Lama") poem "Heidenröslein", and a story from the Brothers Grimm.

The story depicted in the Rosenrot video closely follows the song's lyrics. The band, dressed as clergy members, arrives at a Romanian village in the Carpathian Mountains. Till Lindemann's character becomes romantically involved with a younger girl there, and eventually murders her parents at her request. She then betrays him and the villagers burn him at the stake.


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