History Of T. Rex - The Singles Collection 1968-77

By 1969 there was a clear rift between the two halves of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Bolan and his girlfriend June Child (ex-girlfriend of Syd Barrett) were living a quiet life, while Took had fully embraced the anti-commercial/community spirited/drug-taking ethos of the UK Underground scene centered around Ladbroke Grove. Took was also attracted to the most anarchistic elements, such as Mick Farren/Deviants and members of the Pink Fairies Rock 'n' Roll and Drinking Club.

By now Took was writing his own songs and wanted the duo to perform them, but Bolan firmly refused. Took contributed his talents and two songs, including "The Sparrow Is A Sign," to Twink's Think Pink album, which Bolan probably also did not approve of.

Bolan's relationship with Took ended after Unicorn, although they were contractually obliged to go through with a US tour which was doomed before it began. Poorly promoted and planned, the tour saw the acoustic duo senselessly billed alongside loud electric acts. Took commented that the audience often did not even notice they had started their set, and he would sometimes strip to the waist and whip himself in Iggy Pop manner.

As soon as he returned to the United Kingdom, Bolan replaced Took with bongo player Mickey Finn, who would remain with Bolan until 1975. They made A Beard of Stars, the final album under the name Tyrannosaurus Rex. Unlike Took, Finn had no song writing aspirations.

As well as progressively shorter titles, the albums began to show higher production values, more accessible song writing from Bolan, and experimentation with electric guitars and a rock sound. The breakthrough was in "King of the Rumbling Spires," (recorded with Steve Took) which used a full rock band. This era also saw the publication of The Warlock of Love, a book of Bolan's poetry; derided by critics, it nevertheless became the best-selling poetry book of its time.


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CD 1:

01 Children of the Revolution
02 Jitterbug Love
03 Sunken Rags
04 Crimson Moon
05 Jason B Sad
06 Deborah
07 Child Star
08 Dandy in the Underworld
09 Groove a Little
10 Tame My Tiger
11 Metal Guru
12 Thunderwing
13 Lady
14 Jeepster
15 Life's a Gas
16 Zip Gun Boogie
17 Space Boss
18 I Love to Boogie
19 Baby Boomerang
20 Get It On
21 There Was a Time/Raw Ramp

CD 2:

01 20th Century Boy
02 Free Angel
03 New York City
04 Chrome Sitar
05 One Inch Rock
06 Salamanda Palaganda
07 Laser Love
08 Life's an Elevator
09 Solid Gold Easy Action
10 Born to Boogie
11 Dreamy Lady
12 Do You Wanna Dance
13 Dock of the Bay
14 Blackjack
15 Squint Eye Mangle
16 King of the Rumbling Spires
17 Do You Remember
18 Truck On (Tyke)
19 Sitting Here
20 Light of Love
21 Explosive Mouth
22 Hot Love
23 Woodland Rock
24 King of the Mountain Cometh

CD 3:

01 Telegram Sam
02 Cadillac
03 Baby Strange
04 Soul of My Suit
05 All Alone
06 Pewter Suitor
07 Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles
08 The Groover
09 Midnight
10 To Know You Is to Love You
11 City Port
12 Ride a White Swan
13 Is It Love
14 Summertime Blues
15 London Boys
16 Solid Baby
17 Celebrate Summer
18 Ride My Wheels
19 By the Light of the Magical Moon
20 Find a Little Wood
21 Satisfaction Pony
22 Teenage Dream

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