The Dead Kennedys - Mutiny On The Bay

Mutiny on the Bay is a live album by the Dead Kennedys. It was compiled and released after a lengthy lawsuit, which resulted in the rights to the Dead Kennedys' catalog being transferred from lead singer/songwriter Jello Biafra's record label, Alternative Tentacles to the other three members of the band. Its quality has been criticized by Jello Biafra, as well as numerous music critics and fans. Biafra issued a statement through Alternative Tentacles' website stating that his only access to the project was a cassette of the final mix mailed to him by guitarist and album producer East Bay Ray, and that he was not allowed any input into the album despite the fact that that he was still, on paper, an equal member of the band's business partnership.


Anonymous said...

A favouriteband of mine but haven´t been so eager to buy anything with them since the legal battles ocurred.
They left a sour taste...

Anonymous said...

Thank´s. Fantastic cd!!

Anonymous said...


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