Scorpions - Box of Scorpions

Scorpions are a hard rock band from Hanover, Germany, best known for their single
"Wind of Change'' and their 80's rock anthem, "Rock You Like A Hurricane". Contrary to common usage, the band's name is "Scorpions" and not "The Scorpions

Contrary to common usage, the band's name is "Scorpions" and not "The Scorpions". Their classic 1975 power ballad "In Trance" was covered by Progressive Metal band Fates Warning as a hidden track on the Japanese version of their 1998 live album "Still Life." Their song "Don't Stop at the Top" was covered by melodic death metal band Children of Bodom as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Something Wild. "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is played before the start of Carolina Hurricanes hockey games as the team takes the ice. The band were given several mentions on the BBC Coverage of the 2006 World Cup, a small featurette on the band was shown as a tour of Hannover, their Home City was given by the presenter. The song 'Wind of Change' was played to footage of the Berlin wall falling, much as it was at the time.


bulut on 3:59 pm said...

Password: Feed Your Head

I'm Going Mad
Speedy's Coming
Fly To The Rainbow
In Trance
Pictured Life
Virgin Killer
Catch Your Train
Steamrock Fever
We'll Burn The Sky
He's A Woman, She's A Man
Backstage Queen (Live)
Top Of The Bill (Live)
Dark Lady (Live)
Robot Man (Live)
Loving You Sunday Morning
Coast To Coast
Make It Real
Don't Make No Promises(Your Body Can't Keep)
Twentieth Century Man
The Zoo
Can't Live Without You
No One Like You
Bad Boys Running Wild
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Coming Home
Big City Nights
Still Loving You
Another Piece Of Meat (Live)
Don't Stop At The Top
Rhythm Of Love
I Can't Explain
Tease Me, Please Me
Believe In Love
Don't Believe Her
Wind Of Change
Send Me An Angel
Hit Between The Eyes
Alien Nation
Under The Same Sun
Over The Top
Life Goes Around
You And I
Hurricane 2000
Cause I Love You
Bad For Good

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