eels - souljacker

One of my favorite release...

about album:
Unlike some of Everett's other albums, most notably Electro-Shock Blues, Souljacker is mostly based on stories of outsiders rather than on Everett's own life. Characters were inspired from various sources, including circus freaks ("Dog Faced Boy") and a recording engineer with an abusive past ("Bus Stop Boxer"). German director Wim Wenders called "Woman Driving, Man Sleeping" his favorite Eels song. Wenders directed the video for the album's lead (and only) single, "Souljacker part I", which was released in the UK on 10 September 2001 and reached #30 in the singles chart. The second track on the album, "That's Not Really Funny", was used as the theme tune to the BBC's animated comedy, Monkey Dust.


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