Pop Levi - The Return to Form Black Magick Party

Rating: 6.5/10
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Glamorous rock! Fancy clothes, outlandish hair styles, maybe these were the most exciting elements of glam rock. If i say this record entirely sounds like Marc Bolan, it won't be a wrong observation. From pop to glam rock to freak folk, that is to say totally T.rex follower. There are interesting playful tunes in this debut, but it's not a departure. He wants to bring those glamorous tunes back or he wants to play the music he likes. In my opinion it's a good thing to revival but at the same time it's not captivating. Creating and walking your own path in music is the most apreciated choice. Moreover no musician wants their music to be compared to that of other artists. Because every artist believes that they've a different path. But a question comes to mind in that time "why don't you get rid of that heavy influence?"

I don't want show "The Return To Form Black Magic" as an uninteresting record. Songs like "Flirting", "Sugar Assault Me" have capacity to impress listener but as for the soul of record, it hangs between old and again old. "Flirting" is the best work of Pop Levi yet, brilliant!

Pop levi's debut captures more or less shiny, playful, tuneful air of 70s, and yes the days which belong to historical rock bands such as Beatles, Marc Bolan's Trex. Despite its a little oldish
atmosphere, everyone may enjoy with this new record. Release date: 30 Jan Pop Levi Myspace
MM picks: Pick Me Up Uppercut, Skip Ghetto, Flirting
mp3: Pop Levi - Sugar Assault Me


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