The Ataris

Have you heard about the new The Ataris record? I know this kind of opening sentences suck. At first glance, they don't make any sense. So what if i say that i've a new cool, flowing alt. rock song from new The Ataris. You want to hear the songs if someone says 'new album is great', 'that song is cool', 'try it out'... All of these are crappy! Because you need to hear the song for having something in common.
mp3: Connections Are More Than Dangerous Than Lies

With Welcome the Night (releases on Feb 20), The Ataris have not only reinvented themselves, they’ve also rediscovered the transcendent power of music, incorporating their love for ‘90s alt-rock, psychedelic Brit rock and indie rock into a single, coherent expression. The record was produced by Nick Launay, who has worked with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, David Byrne, XTC and Public IMAGE Ltd. These are the suitable reasons to get excited.


Anonymous said...

The Ataris were the best band eva , they used to be well different! But now they've gone down hill, why do all bands do this? I'm still going to see them but its just a big shame

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