The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home

Rating: 5.4/10
Modern Music Review
Indie Pop/Rock
This is the first LP for the Sheffield, England co-ed five-piece fronted by Kate Jackson. Steve Mackey (Pulp) produced.

Hmm! The Long Blondies , Am i wrong? May someone please bring my glasses! I'm too young for some party musics, i don't use drug, i don't smoke, i'm a good family boy. I'm afraid they won't accept me to their parties becuase Kate Jackson says '19. you're only 19 for God's sake, Oh, you don't need a boyfriend.' Yeah i know, you have to be 60 years old for being in a relationship.Wtf i'm talking about here! Enough fun!

"Once And Never Again" it seems that the song lyrically devoted to young hearts, it fits completely with strong guitars despite its crap lyrics. You think that Smiths' songs were so entertaining because of the lovely music, because of the lyrics such as 'I would go out tonight ,but I haven't got a stitch to wear'. But i'm afraid they were fulled up with Morrissey's gloomy lyrics. We see the same disguised misery on "Someone To Drive You Home" at times.
"Giddy Statospheres" in which they're supporting new disco style indie rock trend such as Dead 60s' "Riot on the radio" and Datarock's "Fa Fa Fa", also it recalls those songs.

They'll compare them with Blondie properly for Kate Jackson. As for the musics on the record, completely Smiths influence can be seen,capturing lovely, punky guitars. Its indie pop style helps you to dive in record at first spin. Without reading any info about them i noticed those
gothic-like vocal performing which Kate's borrowing to Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees. Their origin comes from punk, but, they follow the trend, defining their music
as indie because of excessively rhythmic guitar chords, concordant disco or party style
rock music. I found melodies too girlish (lyrically, musically) as a man. Singly, they are
powerful, cheerful and restless songs, but then, when you listen all of them, same beats can be a big big trouble. Think The Organ's melancholic bass guitars and mournful melodies, add some energetic, less complainant soul to it and here's your The Long Blondes. That's for sure other reviewers give high ratings because of it deludes you at first listen. First spins are always deceptive.

This debut mostly sounds 'hey girl power is within indie rock now!'. More of it, i found the lyrics rubbish! Rollicking but short-lived, only some good guitar lines save this album. I don't think the vocal performance is original, imitation.
Also give a listen: The Organ - Grab that Gun
MM picks: Swallow Tattoo, Madame Ray
Mp3: Once And Never Again


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