Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist

Rating: 4.9/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Alt. Metal
Dark music doesn't matter to me, The matter is unwilling music. The alt-metal band's fifth album was produced by Bob Erzin (Jane's Addiction).

In this one, they're excellent at blending some dark melodies into alternative rock melodies. "Beware" is an example this nameless style, so you may call it as alternative metal.

"Hole In the Earth" is the opening song, which is heavier than modern rock and darker than post-grunge. It's getting around fullmoon ,winter, dark place themes. An album which isn't suitable for daylight. You realized this as a metal music but i don't say so. It's in some place between grunge - metal - modern rock. Chino Moreno sings like 'Oh please no more nu-metal, i'll perform some different style vocals you can call it as bored vocal.' on "Cherry Waves". "Mein" which captures a haunting guest vocal from System Of a Down's Serj Tankian, is more adorable than the others.

"U,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,a,b,select,sta" is the most surprising one. It's hard to believe that it was made by a metal band. I can say it sounds as an experimental ambient pop song, interesting! "Xerces" is another alternative pop/rock song, including some noisy guitars but mostly it comprises drums and keyboards. With "Rats!rats!rats!" the music is becoming a little aggressive but it doesn't make any blow, only some Mike Patton influence or shortly Mike Patton madness. Listen some
Fantômas or Tool album you'll find something better. Again "Pink Cellphone" captures some ambient beats, space, electronics, digital voices.

After all, it's closing itself and throwing to trashcan all the heavy rock sounds . "Saturday Night Wrist" don't know what it wants! Trying a new thing is appreciated but if it's not confused things.
MM picks: "U,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,a,b,select,sta", Kimdracula
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