Best New Rock Songs

  1. White Whale - The admiral
  2. Beach House - Tokyo Witch
  3. Drones - I Don't Ever Want To Change
  4. Tenacious D - Pod
  5. Babyshambles - Janie Jones
  6. Lindsey Buckingham - Show You How
  7. Joseph Arthur - Black Lexus
  8. Zutons - It's the little things We Do
  9. Damien Rice - 9
  10. Deftones - Kim Dracula

Good news! I have a new majestic song for you! Be first person to discover Atomic Swindlers' new material "Lotus Ghost" which song was mailed me by a member of Atomic Swindlers. Keep up great works guys, this song sounds amazing! Watch the video streams to The Zutons forthcoming single, 'It's The Little Things We Do'. Don't know if you heard Tenacious D's new single "Pod" but it's fu*king great! The Format, Beach House, Sean Lennon are on my daily playlist . It's trivial but i cannot exist without my classic rock cds. Indie is ok, still oldies are odd!After all, dont live with a old brain, renew yourself! Keep up reading!


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