Yo La Tengo - I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

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After over 20 years of never quite being fully appreciated for their often excellent avant-garde indie rock, Yo La Tengo seem to have turned nasty, judging by the title of this latest release.

Yo La Tengo is a good band but still they haven't had an explosion,i've listened a lot of great works of them.However you can find some weak sides in every album of them.Their music so alternative to those sounds and it takes time to eat the melodies."I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" which was their 1997 lp still my fav. cd."I Will Beat Your Ass" (2006) is complately stunning experience but for listeners who only love to listen some adulterated,noisy music.So it takes too many times to argue about position "I Will Beat Your Ass".

'This is Yo La tengo on snug autopilot.'New Musical Express

Maybe it really kicks ass with songs "Beanbag Chair","The Race Is On Again","Sometimes I Dont Get You".Anyhow,no need to exaggerate the things.Album opening track "Pass The Hatchet" which points some Velvet Underground influence including heavy indie type guitar shooting.Following that soft noise pop melody "Beanbag Chair"."I Feel Like Going Home" which is slower than previous song and absolutely John Cale style melodic piano and violin oriented work.Then we listen "Mr Tough",asking myself what was that?We listened the darkest song
of the album,then Mr Tough comes with its semi cheerful,semi worried tunes.

I should say there aren't any connections between some songs.Sometimes they sound they
come from different albums.They generally blend piano and noise in this one.So it wasn't news for me,that's for sure you're talking about American indie rock band Yo La Tengo.Honestly,this is a good album but i didn't find this one charming or beating ass.Anyway,If you love blended indie music,truly this album is for you!

MM picks:Mr Tough,Black Flowers,The Race Is On Again,Sometimes I Dont Get You
Listen: The Story of Yo La Tango(...)


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