My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

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This is a true value,a real journey to the unknown music places.My Bloody Valentine's magnum opus, the epitome of the shoegazing genre, and one of the most influential albums of the 1990s.Peerless atmosphere,(Only Shallow) passionate,(Touched) song of the peace,(To Here Knows When) heaven,(When You Sleep) ethereal passing,(Come In Alone) words get value .All the songs are practically tangible or they're unattainable.Loveless intimates sensuality and sexuality instead of stating them explicitly; Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher's vocals meld perfectly with the trippy sonics around them, suggesting druggy sex or sexy drugs.You want to scream but your voice is disappearing,So 'I Only Said' is your guide.Volatile sound efects and flying guitar solos instantly pass through your ear,reach your brain.Don't be afraid from power of "Loveless",just let it go the melodies.If you wanna stop listening,sorry it's not possible because 'Sometimes' is playing - song of the city loneliness,sadness of tears,noise of dismay...
Loveless romantic,sensual,sexy truly a masterpiece.
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Ben said...

That was pretty much incomprehensable. Nevertheless, MBV rock!

bulut on 4:46 pm said...

i'm very glad that i could tell this incomprehensable music. Loveless is a truly incomprehensable record. More you try to write about music, more you get incomprehensable.

Juanjo said...

loveless is such a great album.
unique sounds.

k lee said...

druugy sex or sexy drugs. yes!

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