Bob Seger - Face The Promise

On September 12th, Capitol Records will release Face The Promise, Bob Seger's
first studio album in 11 years. Face The Promise (2006) opens a masterful new chapter in a songbook that has captured the dreams, ideals, yearnings and truths of the American experience for a remarkable forty years. The album’s lead-off single is entitled “Wait For Me.”This is also his first studio album since It's a Mystery in 1995.

MM review:
There are some albums which you don't like at your first listen.But after a while you can see that you missed somethings with the album.Then suddenly,everywhere turn great places which you haven't been there before.

At the same time,there are some kind of albums which you like a little it at your first
listen,but after a while you turn to listening again your favorite albums.So i call
this kind of record as a sluggish album.It doesn't notice you even if you noticed it.
So that shows You probably will never play it more than once or twice.

Actually 'Face The Promise' isn't a terrible record,there are remarkable songs ,but don't forget you're talking about Bob Seger,You can't forget his previous works like "Seven","Live Bullet","Night Moves".it's easy to feel routine atmosphere of the album, hard to find some excitement,newness or melodic rock & roll hooks.

'The strength of the album... involves how, with tons of melody and tone and a little cheese, Seger fearlessly remains Seger.'Rolling Stone

'No Matter Who You Are' and 'Are You' sound front haggard Seger vocals and some back black female vocals.Similarity between the songs is plain to see.You can use 'Face The Promise' as
a great road song.'The Answer's In The Question' duet with Patty Loveless.'Real Mean Bottle' another duet song with Kid Rock.'Won't Stop' is emotional,sound more heartland rock and it feels giving a chance to 'Face to Promise' wouldn't be wrong.
The song 'Simplicity' is a reason to cheer for the fans but again It is not persuasive.Closing song 'Long Goodbye' which is totally careworn,exhausted work.

It often feels sluggish despite various melodic tunes.It's an average rock'n roll album.
MM picks:Won't Stop,Between,Simplicity
The official Bob Seger website
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