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Has Been (2004) is William Shatner's second musical album after 1968's The Transformed Man.

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His power-pop cover of Pulp's "Common People" has Joe Jackson going grandiose with Shatner and a chorus with upwards of 60 vocalists.What makes 'Common people' a legitimately great album is that different orchestral vocals,shiny beats,melodic power-pop beats.'If you love to make Fantasy with songs then it's very favourable for that.'

Ben Folds creating arrangements for Shatner's prose-poems, and feature guest appearances from Folds and Aimee Mann (backup vocals on "That's Me Trying"),Lemon Jelly (on "Together"), Henry Rollins (on "I Can't Get Behind That"),
and Brad Paisley (on "Real", which he wrote specifically for Shatner).

Simply, it's just unbelievably good.
MM picks:Has Been,It Hasn’t Happened Yet


Anonymous said...

This is a really fine album, one that is such a surprise at the first listening. I already have it but had to pass along a comment. If you haven't heard it get it and listen. You will be very pleased.

Great present for everyone!

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